Saturday, October 24, 2009

First $20 day. Not kidding.

$23.08. No joke.

I'm not going to speculate or pontificate on what caused the jolt. I'm not jinxing it. I will tell you the facts, and tell you what I'm doing to try to duplicate the feat.

1. I first checked the eHow forums to make sure that my spike wasn't everybody's spike. It wasn't, because eHow peeps will definitely let you know.

2. I checked the individual articles for big winners. None, really. A lot of articles got a few clicks each. I've had spikes before, but they were usually due to one article I just wrote.

3. This spike happened in conjunction with my keyword experimentation. I just wrote a bunch of articles (this is in my non-khrista "dark" account, don't bother looking for them) all about the same subject. I used Google Keyword Tool to find high value keywords about one subject, and I wrote 10 or so articles 2 days ago about every aspect of it.

4. It was the 3 month anniversary of my "dark" account. I don't think this had much to do with it though, because all of my articles are not 3 months old. And the ones that are didn't move. The action definitely happened on the newer articles that I did the keyword research on.

5. I make sure not to promote my "dark" account for just this reason. I know that the spike is not due to any promotion on my part. It has to be the keywords.

What I did with the keywords: I put EXACTLY what the keyword was in the article as much as I could without sounding retarded. And I do mean every time. The pictures, the captions, the tips, the steps. My keyword density is DENSE. And I made sure to switch up the verb in front so that the spider would find just the keyword I wanted, not a longer phrase. I've often wondered about that, because sometimes you'll look up a keyword, and it'll be like $10, but if you add a word in front of it, it's another keyword that's worth like $0.05. I made sure the spider wouldn't confuse what I wanted as the keyword.

Garner what you will from my observations. I will continue to research and monitor this trend. Hopefully this spike turns into a trend.

Articles: 372
Earnings (10/24/09) $23.08 (no joke)
Top Khrista Article of the Day: Get Rich Without Trying Not the best written piece, but the philosophy works. How do I know? I'm livin it, baby!

Sexy Blog out.

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