Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Self Taught Keyword Lesson...

Many of my articles are on flirting, dating, etc.

Those keywords don't pay jack. I'm upping the ante and focusing like a laser on high paying keywords.

I always wondered why my financial articles paid so well, even when they only had a few views. First self taught lesson -- pay attention to Google's keyword tool.

** One thing I'm trying to answer though, is those financial articles always jump out of the box with ad clicks on the first day, then they go dead. Anybody ever had this happen to them? **

I'm going to monitor views on those articles from now on when I write them. If views and ad clicks go dead, I know kind of what's happening and how to fix it. If just ad clicks go dead, I have a theory. I'll report when I know.

Earnings report:
Articles: 356
Earned today (10/22/09): $6.43
Top Khrista Article: Find California Auto Attorneys

For now, I'm continuing to write high CPC long tail keyword articles to see if I have that technique down. I should know in a week, because you can tell successful articles almost immediately. I've been on this real estate and loan kick lately. Check my stuff out.

Second Mortgages
Person to Person Loan
Lend Your Way to Riches!

Sexy Blog out.

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